Which type of social networks user are you?

Article 1

A proprietary survey by Norstat France in partnership with Adetem, Adwise and Nexize.

Norstat recently conducted a survey in France (1000 online interviews, national representative) about social media usages showing that:

  • 81% of French people are registered in at least one social network (100% among people aged 18-24, 69% among 55+)
  • No surprise with Facebook dominating this market with 93% users, followed by Twitter and Snapchat (31% each)
  • Facebook messenger is number one in instant messengers’ segment with 78% users against 44% for Skype and 31% for Whatsapp,
  • Among social networks users, 79% connect every day (94% among people aged 18-24, 66% among 55+) and main usages are communication with family and friends (92%), following contacts (92%), entertainment (84%), information (81%), publishing content (81%), spreading ideas (75%),
  • 55% of social network users are brands fans (73% among people aged 18-24, 29% among 55+) and main expectations are getting discounts (76%), accessing exclusive information (72%) and more efficient client servicing (70%),
  • 44% of social networks users have already clicked on a social network online advertisement (56% among people aged 18-24, 32% among 55+). If curiosity is main lever for 58% of users, the vast majority (72%) consider that online ad on social networks is intrusive and only 47% considers it’s relevant or 45% useful,

And a lot more information available about how social networks users are balancing personal data protection and free usage of services “offered” by social networks.  

Please get in touch with me if you want to know more about this survey and have access to the results.